Health Benefits of Chaga Mushroom Tea – Elixir of Immortality

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is a fungal parasite found on birch tree. You can easily recognize it because it looks similar to burnt-out rough bark. It grows in birch forests throughout Northern and Eastern Europe, Russia (especially in Siberia) and Korea.

This mushroom is known remedy for thousands of years all over Eurasia. Because of its amazing health properties, it is also known as “Mushroom of Immortality” and the “Gift from God” among many Siberians.

Chaga has few other interesting names in different regions – Chinese people call it the “King of Plants” while Japanese refer to it as the “Diamond of the Forest”. All these names suggest that we are talking about a powerful plant. It is an interesting fact, that you can find Chaga in North America too, but unfortunately, both American native people and modern Americans are not aware of the amazing healing properties of this fungus.

There is a good reason why this mushroom is called the mushroom of immortality. According to several studies, this is the food with the highest level of antioxidants (important substances especially when it comes to fighting free radicals) and the highest level of superoxide dismutase (another highly efficient “cleaner” of free radicals).

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